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Let's Play Super Smash Flash 2 by KambalPinoy Let's Play Super Smash Flash 2 by KambalPinoy

Bullet; Red Hey everybody! I’ve got some exciting news for you and your crossover fan friends out there, who always wanted to see and to play some of your favorite Video Game and Anime All-Star Heroes being part of a most popular epic crossover fighting game Known as SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL!:…

Bullet; Blue it's a special flash game version of the sequel of Super Smash Bros. Brawl where you can all play the same characters from super smash and Play the brand new comers or brand new playable characters you can choose from Nintendo, HAL Laboratory, Pok'emon, Creatures Inc., GAME FREAK Inc., SEGA, Square Enix, Capcom, Namco and shonen Jump. And this special flash game version of the sequel of "SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL" was called SUPER SMASH FLASH 2!:… or SSF2 for short.

Bullet; Yellow Just like my digital "fan art" drawing of Naruto, Goku, Sonic & Mario were ready to start the brawl here in a far off stellar galaxy while fighting inside of a giant PSP portable console in space as their very own world battle field, Which I got inspired from not only from the actual crossover flash game itself but also from a Giant Nintendo 3DS portable console in space:… that was set up as their very own world battle field from the actual gameplay of the original SSF2 v0.9. and This screen shot digital image of Sonic vs Goku vs Mario vs Naruto:… ready to start the brawl here in Kirby's world that was took & created by :iconnelsoncaricatoon: also his digital image looks exactly like my digital fan artwork that makes the exact same spot positions where Sonic, Goku, Mario & Nartuo were standing right now. And finally this Original group screen shot of the Super Smash Flash 2 v0.8 playable characters:… that was also took & created by :icon1luigifan54321s:.

Bullet; Green My SSF2 Digital artwork and the others all represent the actual proof that Super Smash Flash 2 game does exist and it was found in but they told me that this SSF2 game was not only being found in it was also being found in different kinds of flash game websites like me and my SSF2 artwork for example, you can also find that game in "" where all of the super smash fans made all of their Etc. SSF2 Artworks:… It's where you can find it's game link there but :iconsim0n2: said that SSF2 was also found in where you can also find it there too.

Bullet; Red But actual :icondamian2841: (or Steven a new friend & an honor to meet him) the one who took & created this screen shot digital picture of SSF2 Menu Art:… from the actual super smash flash 2 game said that the true flash game website you might actually find SSF2 was in which that's where "cleod9" works there and how does he know that? It's because that user who was called cleod9 from is the creator of "Super Smash Flash 2!" But cleod9 was not alone because Steven is one of those SSF2 Developing team and part of cleod9's game making group! He's also the one who made those Pas for the SSF2 DOJO: Steven is also the one who sprited some of the playable characters and who made all the Pixel Art featured in Super Smash Flash 2 as well as a fair chunk of the custom spriting work for the characters. In other words, It's because he first met me from the beginning when he witness my SSF2 Digital artwork just to let me know how much I enjoy this game and where that game really came from, until I figure it out who he really is & how does he know everything about SSF2.

Bullet; Blue Steven also said that him & the crew of the SSF2 Developement team have also made arrangements for "DLC characters", characters that you can download as additional playable characters AFTER the main game is released. Through this, you may be able to download a playable character like they really want Vegeta (from Dragon Ball Z Kai) to be part of a SSF2 game, after the game is released if they can create a DLC character of him or depending what character you like to download but only when you feel like it or not. Maybe the developing crew can also add, arrange & develop some new world battle fields we can try out too and/or maybe some new assist trophies, new pokemons, new useful items, new chanllenges, Etc. Remember he said "IF" & I said "MAYBE".

Bullet; Yellow But aside from that however, they're maybe a team of SSF2 developers but Steven and the crew said "we don't add characters simply based on personal favourites, the process of pinpointing suitable characters has an a ton of discussion included. I'm very sorry but we also don't take characters requests (since we receive so many). This doesn't neccesarily mean that your favourites won't appear (because we do try to please the entire fanbase), since every character that has been on a nintendo console at least once could be considered for Smash Flash 2." Which he's right & you must listen to him and please don't give him & his team a hard time to make something you want so it's best to just let him & the SSF2 creators decide what they like to add something new on their own game creation 'cause it's their way.

Bullet; Green And about those 3 blank/black squares you saw them on the main menu and in the "Group" menu before. Steven says that "The black boxes that current excist on the SSF2 menu are beta elements left in the game for eventual hypothetical modes. As you may know, special mode (mini, big etc.) will be around in the 0.9 phase ,as you can readon the mG main page, so within the code there excists a button for that. Up untill now that mode hadn't been worked on though, meaning we had no need for the graphic yet. Right now the black boxes are mainly to fill up space, and lead to nowehere, as they are placeholder graphics".

Bullet; Red And by the way Steven also said "I'm very glad you're enjoying this game, and I hope you look forward to more!" And The guys who created that crossover Flash game version of "SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL!" I like to say to them "YEAH!!!!! TO CLEOD9 AND THE DEVELOPING TEAM OF MCLEODGAMING.COM, GREAT JOB AND THAT'S GENIUS! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING A FLASH GAME VERSION OF OUR FAVORITE EPIC CROSSOVER FIGHTING GAME AND LETTING ME SHARE YOUR GAME CREATION TO MY FRIENDS!"

Bullet; Blue believe me I’ve been playing with it this whole time and it’s fun & exciting to play brand new characters to fight in brand new battle fields, in fact I can't hog all the fun to myself so I like you all to try it out too and which that's why I uploaded my own crossover digital "fan art" artwork in the first place 'cause want everybody to know that this game link address to the SSF2 game is actual proof that there's such thing as a flash game version of "SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL!" and I also like everybody to enjoy this crossover flash game with me so that I won't feel bad for being the only one who enjoys this epic crossover flash game all the time. And sharing this crossover flash game to everybody makes me feel very happy. and not only that I'm also doing this 'cause I'm helping a friend (that's Steven) to get more views & likes for the "" website & the flash game version or SSBB he made for us and I hope you like it, enjoy. and when you see this Awesome flash game version of super smash don’t forget to share this crossover flash game to someone who likes to try out this game too and don't forget to show them these other game links to those other flash game websites on my artwork's description so they can try out these other flash games too.

Kirby Spin Emote + TV Static  If one of you never heard or played the flash game version of "SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL" before then go down to it's "Game Link" with a frame made of stars that says "SUPER SMASH FLASH 2" it will take you to that special flash game version of the sequel of SSBB I'm telling you about, good luck and have fun:

:star: but one more thing, Before you go into this game link and play that flash game version of super smash, Please read my instructions down there that says "HOW TO PLAY SUPER SMASH FLASH 2". It will help you (and myself) to know how this game really works so that there's no frustrations or complaints over this flash game that they never played before. Or if you already know how this super smash flash 2 game really works like what you learned from that preview video of the SSF2 game on youtube or in "" or in the "SSF2 DOJO", it means you can do it on your own without my instructions Just feel free to see how this game goes. Or if you feel like you want to know more about this SSF2 game just read these instructions or keep reviewing that youtube video about SSF2 or look in "" or in the "SSF2 DOJO", if you feel like it then you're ready to play that epic crossover flash game.

:star: There's one more final thing, in case if there was a glitch or an error in the game link to "SUPER SMASH FLASH 2", go to these instructions at the very bottom of my description that says "HOW TO FIX YOUR GLITCH PROBLEM" they will tell you what you need to do to fix your glitch problems. In other words just read my instructions very carefully so they can tell you clearly of how to make this game fixed and keep going again so that the SSF2 game doesn't have a glitch anymore.

:star: And most importantly, Don't forget to go visit in "" more often because "cleod9" and the others were making an important announcement in their website soon, it's something very important they want us to know like they're trying to tell us the exciting news that they just added something new in their website & to their SSF2 game creation. If you want to know what's the important announcement going on in their website, just go to their "" website up there in it's link address it will show you what's their important announcement is all about. And while you're in their website feel free to explore "" you like and learn more about Super Smash Flash 2 and the playable smash characters & their stages, their signature moves, useful items, game instructions and more whether in their website or in the "SSF2 DOJO". But most importantly you can also find the actual game link to SSF2 whether in their website or in the Dojo.

:star: Anyone who loves SSF2 so much and suddenly became a huge fan of this amazing flash game version of SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL then get yourself a Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Stamp:…

:star: And come and join in :iconjboogie12:'s (or Jalen's) Fan Club called :iconsupersmashflash2: A Fan Club For All SSF2 Fans Out There! In other words, he and our group welcomes all SSF2 and SSBB fans like you guys out there!

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
FavouritesFavouritesFavouritesFavouritesFavouritesFavouritesFavourites FavouritesFavouritesFavouritesFavouritesFavouritesFavourites

:iconfinalsmashplz: "HOW TO PLAY SUPER SMASH FLASH 2" :iconfinalsmashplz:

:pokeball: If you see a white screen in front of you every time you go in to this link, please wait till the actual screen appears & when there’s a loading system, please wait for a minute until it reaches to 100% then you'll see this whole amazing intro & press play to start.

:pokeball: To get to the Brawl, select "Group" & press "VERSES" to get ready for a free brawl. To select your Character, use these Player 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 badges that was left on the character’s pedestals, just drag the Badges on to their Roster then place them on to the character’s face pictures, leave it then you got yourself a selected character. Then select any opponent you want for your selected character to fight with whether you select 1,2 and/or 3 opponents you can choose to challenge them in a brawl, you can even raise up their strength level by moving it's meter switch on the character’s pedestals only move it up to level 1-9 then your selected character has itself an intense opponent it can brawl with. And when the sign says READY TO FIGHT" press the "space bar" & select any kind of world battle fields you like and press "back space" to pause the game.

:pokeball: After selecting a character you now you can choose any world battle field you like to brawl in. you can even go to the "PAST STAGES" section were you can select any original world battle fields you like to brawl in too. these other original battle world battle fields once belong to the original crossover fighting game known as "super smash bros. brawl". And to off the platforms while brawling or trying to get some items down there just double click the "DOWN" button so it's easier to get off some platforms.

:pokeball: If you want to train your characters first just go to main menu and select "SOLO" then press "TRAINING" then select a character and some world battle fields you want to practice at. then press "back space" to pause & select some training adjustments during your character's practice like practicing of how these attack items work, how to pick up some health, making their amazing attack moves or seeing their signature moves unleashed. Finally when you're done training with your selected character, just press "back space" again and press "Finish" when your ready to Brawl.

:pokeball: Before you're character is ready to brawl you can also adjust the rules to make your own rules before you're ready to start the brawl just go to "GROUP" at main menu then go into "RULES" to fix up any kinds of rules you like then the characters even the effects of the brawl will change it's looks and it's effects.

:pokeball: If you have trouble with the controllers on your key board just go to "OPTIONS" at main menu then press "CONTROLS" or go to "GROUP" at main menu again then go into "RULES" then you see the "controller icon" on your right side then press it to go into the control section to change your controllers. When you select a button on these controllers use your key board to select any kind of button you like so that it's easier to control your selected characters now you can even change the controllers in player 2,3 & 4 by pressing the player's color icons. Not only that When you went inside the "RULES" section you get to set up your own rules to control before you brawl.

:pokeball: While you're still in the "CONTROL" menu, to make your character move real fast just press the "check box" that says "Auto-Dash" then when there's a check mark it means it's working your characters can move fast now. Or to make your character move in a normal way just press the "check box" again to turn off the "Auto-Dash" then press the "check box" that says "D-Tap Dash" then your characters will move normally, but when you press forward 2x your character will still move fast.

:pokeball: And those Cs right next to the "UP, DOWN, LEFT & RIGHT" buttons it stands for "crouch" as in hold down the "UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" button to charge up your character's strike attack.

:pokeball: To use your character's Special moves or Attack moves, just stand still, Duck down or move "UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" or even in the air then press the "Special" button to do their special attack moves at their opponents or when you stand still, Duck down or move "UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" or even in the air then press the "Attack" button to do their physical attacks at their opponents. Next hold down both the "UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" button & press the "Attack" button to recharge their strike attack to knock their opponents off the ring real hard when their lives were very damage, then when you stand still & hold down the "Special" button to recharge their special moves and press the "Special" button again to unleash their special moves or just press the special button once, twice or many times to do their original attack moves. And then when you hold down the "UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" button and press or hold down the "Special" button to show off your character's other special moves right in front of your eyes.

:pokeball: To get back on the ring while you're still brawling, press the "UP" or "JUMP" button then press the "SPECIAL" button to do a special flying move or attack move to get your character back on the ring safely or when you select a character that flies high just press the "UP'' or "JUMP" button to fly high but you can still use it's flying move to get back on the ring again. When your character's opponents hit them real hard in the air and the only way to stop them from falling out of the ring again, press the "SHIELD" button (while they're still the air) to stop them from falling out of the ring.

:pokeball: To protect your character from attacks press & hold down the "SHIELD" button to protect them but don't hold the shield too long or else your character will be dizzy & paralyze.

:pokeball: your selected characters can also do their taunts at their opponents just to get their attention or just to make fun of them for losing the brawl by knocking them off the ring. To taunt just press the "TAUNT" button to do their single original taunt while they're standing still, then press the "DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" button while pressing the "TAUNT" button again to see more of their other original taunts.

:pokeball: If your character's life gets damage percent during battle food & health items always suddenly appear in every world battle fields or training fields. To pick up some food or health items, stand still or move forward then press the "Attack" button to pick up some health you need to get your character's health will become low damage percent again. these health items you see here in every world battle fields or training fields were actual belong and related to your selected characters & the other All-Star characters from their game studios.

:pokeball: During the Brawl, useful items (which they also belong and related to your selected characters & the other All-Star characters from their game studios) appear on every floor in every world battle fields and to pick up the items, stand still or move forward then press the "Attack" button to pick up some items you need & press the "Attack" button again to hit or throw something at your opponents while you're standing still, running or when you duck down. Or while holding an attack instrument, hold down both the "Attack" & "LEFT or RIGHT" button to recharge their strike attack to knock their opponents off the ring or damage their life points. When the item is right on top of you like on top of the platform, just press the "JUMP" button to go up then press the "Attack" button to grab it. To put them down stand still then press the "Grab" button to drop it or when you run or jump up & press the "Grab" button to throw your items at your opponents whether on the ground or in the air.

:pokeball: And then during the brawl you can also grab your opponents when they're close to you, stand still or move forward then press the "Grab" button to grab hold to your opponents then press the "Grab" button again but many times to just hit, punch & kick your opponents in the face or just press the press the "Attack" button many times to give them the same hit, punch & kick attack. Or while you're still grabbing hold to your opponents press the "UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" button to give them a great knock off. you can even use the "Grab" button to make some attack moves while in the air. And While in the air move "UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT" then press the "Grab" button to do the same air attack moves just like the same air attack moves your characters done that before.

:pokeball: If you see a "Pokeball" or a glassed cylinder called an "Assist Trophy" they can assist you in battle by grabbing them & hatched them out of their pokeballs or trophies. to assist them you must grab the pokeball & move forward or in the air then throw at your opponents or on the ground to unleash a pokemon to help you out. For the "Assist Trophy", these people inside of those assist trophies were actually All-Star characters from their game studios & they were also related to your selected characters. And to bring them out just grab them & let them break out of their glassed cylinder by themselves & let them do their special thing to assist you. You can even try them out in "TRAINING" mode and while in training mode you must press "pause" to get to the training adjustment and press these arrows between the word "ITEMS" then press the item's name in the middle of the "ITEMS" selection to pick some items you need, like you selected a "Pokeball" "Assist Trophy" or even the "Smash Ball".

:pokeball: If you see a colorful floating coin that looks just like these 2 Icon pictures between the "HOW TO PLAY SUPER SMASH FLASH 2" sign and that same trade mark from the "super smash flash 2" title & my PSP world battle field digital drawing, it means that's their mark of power to wipe out your opponents off the ring A.K.A. unleashing their Special signature moves and it always appear in every world battle field you choose or even in the training section you selected in it's training adjustment. This colorful floating coin that unleashes their special signature moves was called a "Smash Ball" and to get the smash ball you must hit it 3 or 5x before your character's opponents get it first or it might fly away, but once you got it your character's whole body is starting to flame up such colorful ora fire then press the "SPECIAL" button to activate your character's signature move then make some special attack moves as you can while the power bar is still full but use it very wisely before it's power bar reaches to Zero.

:pokeball: If you like to play "Challenge Mode" go to "SOLO" then go into "EVENTS" or "STADIUM" to play some challenges you like & see what happens if you complete some challenges.

:iconquestionblockplz: "HOW TO FIX YOUR GLITCH PROBLEM" :iconquestionblockplz:

:iconsonicringplz:In case if you have a glitch problem like there's a glitch or an error in the game link to "SUPER SMASH FLASH 2". So thanks to :icondamian2841: (or Steven) who says on my comment that "Make sure you regularly check the McLeodgaming home page, as patches containing glitch-fixes and additional balancing come out rather frequently". He must've known that we might have the same glitch problem just like him but aside from that he also says that the only reason why those links were not working or why there's was a glitch in that crossover game, it's because Steven said that "Cleod9 set it up that way to prevent the game being hosted on other sites and fancy stuff like that. Your best bet would be to link to the McLeodgaming Game Page, rather then the direct link to the game itself". Which that's what I mean by "you can also find the actual game link to SSF2 whether in or in the SSF2 DOJO" and he knows that because he works for "Cleod9 in" and he is the sprite maker of the playable characters of Super Smash Flash 2 and also he just met me for the first time.

:iconsonicringplz:And so that's why he gave me this kind help & advise I need in case I have a glitch problem on my favorite crossover flash game and which I haven't gone into that home page yet but I still think this "McLeodgaming home page" (from that link to "") that Steven told me about, might be the only help you need or if you're having trouble to find that home page just go to Steven's icon up there & ask him for help with your glitch problem. Or if you like to ask any other questions besides your glitch problem then feel free to ask him any kind of question you like 'cause he loves to answer questions but please remember not to ask him too many questions okay and also talk easy on him.
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TheUniqueGuy Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
why the hell is everybody predicting the future for nintendo? 
KambalPinoy Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I don't know what you're talking about but you can ask my friend :icondamian2841: he knows everything about the flash game version of super smash 'cause he's one of those SSF2 Developing team and part of cleod9's game making group, maybe he'll give you the answer
KambalPinoy Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Why are you showing me this?
TheUniqueGuy Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
KambalPinoy Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Because what?
Memoski Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Welp. Last time I checked it, it didn't look so slick. Now I have to download it :I
KambalPinoy Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
well I checked the game it looks fine & I don't see what's wrong with it :nod:

if you’re talking about the characters, I know they look so pixelated up close but when you get to check out their epic moves & their features they're awesome or you're talking about the long wait of the game it takes time for the game to load & it happens all the time and once it's ready you'll start playing, so just be patient or it’s about your glitch problem with the game just follow the instruction on the very bottom of my description

So I like to know, how do you like this game are you glad that I’m sharing this to you?
Memoski Dec 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Well, it's certainly interesting.
KambalPinoy Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
of course it is, all you have to do is to give it a chance :nod:
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